Friday, August 27, 2010

The weighing machine

Before you begin it all, you stand on me
making a note of what I display, you make a silent plea

Oh god, please help me convince the scale
help me pass in this exam coz on my own I'll fail

You run, sweat, sacrifice your sweets
you start avoiding friend's treats

You watch everything that goes into you
You eat only things that on trees grew

You sweat every day and night, hoping to please me
I do not budge, you have not done enough for me

You look at the chocolates and then at me, resting on the throne
How you wish you could force me to show some good news

You cry in anguish and pain
you think it was all in vain

A little more sweat, a little less food
and you would have been all good

I will oblige when you stand on me once again
And I will tell you, it was worth the pain.

1 comment:

Insights of life and realisations with kaykay said...

Awesome again my frnd... I guess u were sent to be my frnd by god himself.. and as you always say its destiny... I never knew we would get so close. Every word u say thru ur poem touches a few chords in my heart as if they were shouting out aloud " DEJA VU,,,DEJA VU"...

God Bless u my frnd